"...preach the gospel to all creation""

                                                                       Mark 16:15

Life Mission is a mission organisation dedicated to preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations. We build our ministry on the conviction that the last words of Jesu should be our first priority: "go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation" (Mark 16:15)

Today Life Mission mostly work in east Europe and in the 10/40 window among unreached people groups. We work trough: 


Meet the team

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Marcus Ringbäck 

Marcus Ringbäck is the director of Life Mission. He has traveled to many nations and in periods lived in Africa. He loves to see other people flourish in to their giftings and have led many teams out on the missionfield. Marcus lives in Huskvarna with his wife Cathrine and their daughter Elma. 

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Carlos Recinos

Carlos Recinos is an evangelist with a heart burning for the lost and unreached. Saved from a lifestyle of crime and violence, Carlos today preaches the message of peace, freedom and forgiveness at Gospel festivals in Asia, South America and Europe. Carlos lives in Malmö together with his wife Magdalena and children.


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Marcus Palmblad

Marcus Palmblad is an entrepreneur and evangelist that has preached the gospel in Africa, Asia och Europe. He has a passion to mobilize the church and believers for the great commission and is the swedish coordinator for Global Outreach Day. Marcus loves to spend time with his wife Erica and their two children. 



In partnership with local churches we conduct Gospel campaigns to reach the unsaved. During the daytime leadership/discipleship training is held for the believers and pastors. In the evenings the gospel is being preached and we are calling people to receive Jesus as their savior and lord.


We also pray for the sick and the testimonies of healing miracles are many.  The budget for one of our campaigns is usually  about 5000 dollars.

This include:

  • tickets/accommodation for the evangelist

  • follow up material for the new believers 

  • leadership seminars in the daytime


On our campaigns we usually see hundreds of people receive Jesus and we often get encouraging reports of how  the campaigns have brought church growth, new churches being planted and that people have been healed, delivered and restored as they have encountered Jesus.  

Local evangelists


We support national evangelist that reaches their own people by preaching the gospel and planting churches. Supporting national evangelists have many advantages: 

  • they know the culture and language

  • they are cheap to support

  • they can work in areas closed to foreign missionaries


The cost of supporting a national evangelist varies between 100-300 dollars depending on where they are living.


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